PPC (Pay Per Click)

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PPC (Pay Per Click)

As a top tier digital marketing company, RGV Digital offers clients both pay per click advertising and AdWords remarketing services. These ads are “less intrusive” and more cost-effective than their traditional counterparts, allowing businesses to create effective advertising campaigns online.


What are Pay per Click Advertising and AdWords Remarketing?

Pay per Click (PPC) advertisements are paid ads that pop up on websites registered on the Google Display Network. These ads are displayed on the top, sides, or bottom of a website whenever users type targeted keywords into a search engine, making the ad relevant to the immediate needs of the web user.

AdWords Remarketing, on the other hand, are ads that appear after a user has visited your website and moved on to another website within the Google Display Network. These ads serve as a quick reminder of the products and services your business offers, as well as a quick gateway back to your website whenever the user is ready to buy.


The Benefits

PPC and remarketing ads only appear when the user is ready to buy or is heavily considering to buy a product or service you offer. As such, these ads are less intrusive, giving users a better sense of value. In other words, these ads feel more helpful, rather than a hard sell that may disrupt what the user is actually trying to do.

Additionally, PPC and AdWords remarketing is a budget-friendly option, a welcome sight for those who may not have the wallet for big-money advertising campaigns. You only need to pay for the clicks the ads actually generate. If a user decides to contact you straight from the details of the ad rather than clicking on it, you essentially just received a free referral.


Take Your Advertising to the Next Level

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